Cilantro to Coriander: The Clark Kent of Herbs

I posted back in May this year about my Cilantro plant and a tasty Cilantro dip.  You can find the old post by clicking here.  Cilantro is something that will need to be planted in abundance in my garden next year – love, love, love it!

The previous post talked about how Cilantro, about the time the plant begins to die of heat exhaustion, produces Coriander. When one, in this case the Cilantro, is no longer needed, the other thing pops in to save the day, in this case the Coriander – much like Clark Kent. He can be whatever he needs to be to survive in his element.

I began to sadly watch as my Cilantro plant withered away in our nasty heat about a month ago. Then I got to work with the anticipation of all of the Coriander I was going to discover. I yanked up the plant and got to plucking the seeds. I pulled a decent amount of Coriander seeds off of the plant. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with it. I guess I should have already had something in mind, eh?

Below are some pictures of the process and the charming end result.

If you have any Coriander ideas, please let me know. I need to use it since I grew it. *smiles*

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