Will Cook for Foo! Week 2

I had a good friend of mine give me a little chuckle recently when he said that my love of wanting to cook for the Foo Fighters gives new meaning to my being a “FOOdie”. Hehe. That certainly made me chuckle. *big smiles* Yes, it’s true…I am a diehard FOOdie……

I’ve been listening a lot to them lately – not too much more than I normally do to be honest. Their lyrics usually carry so much meaning, and I can most always relate to them. I know whomever wrote their sacred lyrics really meant them and felt them deep to their bones. Which leads me to my next thought…I really hope me altering the lyrics to their songs doesn’t offend anyone. I am hoping that if the men actually – I use the word “actually” loosely – read my “Will Cook for Foo” posts that they will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy thinking of each week’s Twitter update.

The song I am using today has become a very favorite song of mine. It’s called Skin and Bones. If the internet has it’s facts correct, and the internet is supposed to be accurate (*smiles*), then the Skin and Bones CD was released in 2006. Wow, five years already.

Speaking of time flying…my Spin magazine came in the mail the other day with a picture of Kurt Cobain on it. A life truly lost too early. The article mentions that it has been twenty years since the release of Nevermind. Goodness! Can you believe that? I’m not supposed to feel old yet. That would have come out when I was 8! On an even more of a side note: I related my cousin and Kurt Cobain a lot when I was a little one. I don’t quite remember why. Maybe it was the longer hair? The scruffy punk look? I really don’t know. But, in my head, those two are forever linked. Interesting….hmmm….

On to the Twitter post!

This week’s “Will Cook for Foo” comes from their song Skin and Bones.

The selected lyric was “Skin and bones, skin and bones, skin and bones, don’t you know”.

My Twitter update “@foofighters Skin and bones, skin and bones, skin and bones, Don’t you know I can fix that with my good Southern cooking?”

Next step for you, take a second and enjoy the song…Click here for the Skin and Bones video.

See “Will Cook for Foo! Week 1” by clicking here!


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