The first video for The Onyx Plate: The Onion Vlog

I want to use this opportunity to talk about bullying for a second. When little kids pick on other little kids, they don’t think about the repercussions down the road on the kid they are bullying. Therefore, it becomes part of the parent’s responsibility to teach their children to be kind to others. Unfortunately, I ran across a lot of kids while growing up that didn’t seem to have had the same virtues instilled in them as I did in myself from my family. I was picked on…quite a lot actually. A few of you that are reading this were probably guilty of picking on me…but, I forgive you.

See, I was one of the fluffier of the kids throughout school. In the end, in high school, I had to live by the mantra that high school was just something to get through. It didn’t matter that I had a beautiful singing voice. It didn’t matter that I was funny or nice to everyone. It was what people saw on the outside that they felt they needed to comment on. I would hide behind the darker colors, while my best friend would wear the bright colors. I was that girl, because…I was different.

I remember a couple of times where I became the bully. I got caught both times by Mom. One time she marched me right over to the neighbor’s house and made me apologize to their kid. Maybe I felt that if I became a bully as the others had been, then I would be accepted. Boy, was I wrong. No one should ever want to be so cool as to put down someone else.

Now, as I am approaching 30 in a couple of years, I look back at the bullying I received and how it has affected me. There are positives and negatives to the bullying. However, the positives in no way out weight the negatives. Please, teach your children to be kind. You never know when they will be impacting the rest of someone’s life.

With that backstory being told to you, and me opening myself up to you…you now understand why this was an interesting thing for me to do…to make you a Video Blog. I have certainly grown into my shape, and am no longer that awkward chubby kid, although the taunting still haunts me at times. I’m ready to move past it, and I wanted to do that by putting myself in front of the camera for you.

To start off, I wanted to do something super easy for you. I’m showing you how I chop an onion. I originally saw this method when Sunny Anderson did it on Cooking for Real – at least I think I did. I watch so many Food Network shows, it’s hard for me to keep them all straight. *smiles* Then, after I posted my video, I saw Gordon Ramsay’s video (LOVE HIM). He chops it the same way. *huge smiles*

Thank you for letting me open up to you today, and enjoy my first Vlog! Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for the next one.


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  1. The video is great! Your beauty, inside and out, are what make you the wonderful, loving person you are. I am proud of you and cherish the love you have so freely given. People bully because they are insecure and mean. They try to make themselves look better by making you look bad. It doesn’t matter who is the most popular, the prettiest, the one with the most freinds. It matters who has the integrity to be a good person. It matters who has the courage to stand up to the bully and say “I am not going to let you do this – it is wrong.” Kindness is love in action and you have exemplified this. What a lovely young woman you have become, so wise and so caring. Remember the lesson, but forgive and forget the pain. Choose joy.


  2. Hey, I was bullied, too; obviously for different reasons, but yeah, it happened.

    I think it’s a kind of forging in the fire for us. The people who have gone through pain have had to overcome the pain, to learn to forgive, to learn to see their good qualities, to find themselves- we’re not really given much of an option in that regard.

    So kudos to you for overcoming and transforming the pain, and just look where you are now! You’ll be the next person to have a show on the Food Network at this rate!!!


    1. A show on the Food Network, eh? You’re too kind. :) I’m sorry you were bullied. You’re right about the forging in the fire though…we are forced to find ourselves. Good point…. :)


    1. It is a nice knife, no? I want more big knives! My OXO set may just be in need of a little bit of updating on some of the knives. However, my 8″ Santoku makes me a very happy home chef indeed. :)


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