Will Cook for Foo: Week 3 ~ MINTS

You may not be familiar with this particular video. But, if you are around my age, and you aren’t, then you have certainly been living under a rock – or you’re just not a fan, and shame on you. The Foo Fighters did a very comical video with their song “Big Me”. They took Mentos and breathed life into them. Throughout the entire video, they are achieving things with the help of “Footos”, and it becomes a mock Mentos commercial. This in turn leads to plenty of laughs with a great backing track. *smiles*

I can imagine this is true – since I haven’t been able to see the Foo Fighters in concert yet (yet being the keyword there folks *huge smiles*) – that whenever they play the song “Big Me”, people begin to throw Mentos at them. I surely hope people have gotten over that and won’t be doing it at the concert I am headed to. Oh my gosh, was this why they went on an “indefinite hiatus”??? However, it might be better to have Mentos pelted at you than people shooting Mentos and Diet Soda rockets at you. Think about it…Nothing is Impossible.

My journey began with scouring the internet to find that one sacred recipe for making Mentos for this post. I looked everywhere I could think of for the recipe. Unfortunately, the only thing I could come across was a Mentos alcoholic drink and a Mentos and Diet Soda Rocket. Now, I’d be the first one to say, let’s drink! But, this wasn’t what I set out to find. I also even contemplated having some fun with the Mentos and Diet Soda rocket/geyser on video. I do live in the South, and we do say “Hey ya’ll, watch this!” quite a bit. But, I wanted the recipe to make Mentos!

Since I was unable to locate the recipe I dearly wanted, the next best thing was the recipe to homemade mints. These are those wonderful mints you always seem to find at wedding showers. I have been asked a few times for the recipe actually. I dug through my copy of Maw-Maw’s cookbook and was able to locate the hand-written recipe – love her handwriting. I worked with making the mints, and surprisingly did a nice little job with them.

Sure, a mold would have been nice, but I had other plans for my mints, since I really couldn’t mold them into the perfect little Mentos shape for this post. I decided to spell out my minty-fresh love for the Foo Fighters….

On to the Twitter post!

This week’s “Will Cook for Foo” comes from their song Big Me.

The selected lyric was “Big me to talk about it. I could stand to prove. If we can get around it, I know that it’s true.”

My Twitter update “@foofighters Big me to talk about it. I could stand to prove. If we can get around it, I know that I can truly fix you a lovely meal.”

Next step for you, take a second and enjoy the song…Click here for the Big Me video.

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Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the recipe for the Mints. Here you go! You should try them.

Super Simple Mints

  • 1 lb XXX sugar (I always think this sounds naughty for some reason. *slick smile*)
  • 2 Tbls butter
  • 2 Tbls Crisco
  • 2 Tbls hot water
  • 10-12 drops of Peppermint Oil (I used Peppermint Extract, but Maw-Maw says I need the oil so the flavor is deeper in the mint.)
  1. Knead all ingredients until smooth.
  2. Then mold however you see fit! Keep the excess covered while molding.
Don't you just want to dive right into this mound of XXX Sugar? Naughty.
Pour the butter in so that you can get just the right picture.....*smiles*
I just loved the essence of the green Peppermint extract being added here. Made me smile.

See how easy that was? Enjoy!


  1. The classic baby and wedding shower treat here in the South. They are delicious! You can also color them with a drop of food coloring. Great post.


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