Rings of Happiness…

I just thought these were way too cute at Maw-Maw’s house. Couldn’t wait to share them with you! How easy would it be if we could make our life decisions out of just which cookie we pull out? Like the Magic 8-Ball for Foodies!

Growing up, I loved to eat these butter cookies. Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw always had them in their home. I used to wear them around on my fingers like I was some rich girl and could afford fancy daisy-shaped rings. *smiles* Then I would stretch my finger as far away as I could from the other fingers and nibble away at the petals until I was left with an itty bitty ring.

Of course I’m older now. But, I can still manage to get one of these sweet treats halfway down on my pinky. And, yes, I still eat it the same way. Some things don’t and shouldn’t change. We have to remember the kid inside, and appease it often or it will only lead to “Hey ya’ll, watch this!” moments as adults. You know as well as I know, that things never end well in the South after hearing those words uttered. *innocent smiles*

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