Welcome to The Onyx Plate my Forrester Photography friends!

Hi there, new friends from Forrester Photography!

Let me take a second and introduce you to The Onyx Plate. The Onyx Plate is the child of my wanting to find my place in life. We all get that feeling of complacency in life. The feeling that you know you have more potential, but you’re just so set in your path that you forget to reach for the stars. This is me reaching for the stars…..

I explore my Grandmother’s cookbook, good Southern recipes from friends, make up my own, and have food adventures along my days. You can read about all of that here on The Onyx Plate.

The one thing I want you to know about this site is….every post is written with heart and soul (heck, I even cry a bit when writing about some subjects). I’m not doing this to just be doing this…I am opening up myself to you, my reader, in hopes that I can inspire you and bring back floods of memories from your past that were amazing and wonderful. Yes, tied to food most likely. *smiles*

During the Forrester Photography Photo Contest, I encourage you to send in photographs of food that makes your heart smile. The food that makes you feel at home in an easier time of life. Maybe pictures of Comfort Food.

What is Comfort Food you may ask? A comfort food is what Mom used to make when you had a bad day at school. The food you had Sundays after church at your Grandparent’s home. It’s the food you give your child when you know they are having a bad day. It’s food that’s prepared with love in hopes of making all your cares go away.

Have fun with it and enjoy my site. I surely enjoy writing it for you.

Welcome to The Onyx Plate!

For more details, visit the About The Onyx Plate section of the site by clicking here.

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