Will Cook for Foo: Week 4 – An education on the term “Foo Fighters” ….. and Mini Moon Pies!

I bet most of you reading this don’t know where the original term “Foo Fighters” came from. I was telling my wonderful Step-Dad about my posts with “Will Cook for Foo”, and he offered a bit of knowledge. See, my Step-Dad is a Retired Captain in the US Navy. He’s also a very smart man (of course, he married my Mom!). He holds a vast amount of knowledge in that Naval brain of his, and he has instilled a respect for our Military in me that I’m not sure could have been done without him in my life. *smiles* He proceeded to educate me that the term “Foo Fighters” was what our Servicemembers called unidentified flying objects during World War II. Very interesting I must say.

He sent me a few other links regarding the term. Some of the sites list that these were seemingly round spheres of fire that would chase the fighter jets or circle around them, almost taunting them and playing with them. But, in World War II, anything and everything that was unidentifiable became known as a Foo Fighter.

I would have loved to of been in the room with Dave when the “Foo Fighter” light bulb went off. Just to hear the thought process. I can read all of the articles I want, get all of the information off of the internet I want, but in the end…I’d rather hear it straight from his mouth. It’s hearing the excitement in the storytellers voice that makes it all worthwhile. This is why I should cook for them! *Smiles*

So, speaking of a thought process…I was trying to figure out what to make for you in relation to the above post. I could have done something with E.T.’s favorite candy, Reeses Pieces. Made an Alien shaped out of Guacamole. Various other items. Instead, I decided to make something that was as Southern as I am…Moon Pies.

I looked and looked for Moon Pie recipes, but these surely were involved. At the same time, I wanted something you could take into your home and make with your kids. Therefore, I made Mini Moon Pies with three ingredients….just THREE! They have already gotten rave reviews from countless people at work, and the Hub. Try them, and let me know what you think!

You can find this recipe by scrolling down a little further.

Now, it’s time for the Twitter Update for the “Will Cook for Foo” segment…..

This week’s “Will Cook for Foo” comes from their song Enough Space.

The selected lyric was “I was waiting for something, maybe flying machines. That’s when I found Lily. Best I’ve ever seen.”

My Twitter update “@foofighters I was waiting for something, maybe a visit from Foo in their flying machines. That’s when I found recipes. Best you’ll ever taste.”

Next step for you, take a second and enjoy the song (If you like it when Dave screams…you’ll surely like this song! Love it!)…Click here for the Enough Space song.

Find the previous “Will Cook for Foo” posts by clicking here.

Mini Moon Pies

  • 1 bag of melting chocolates, or standard bag of chocolate chips
  • 1 bag of jumbo marshmallows
  • 1 box of vanilla wafers


  1. Take each marshmallow and cut off a little bit of each end (we’re trying to get rid of the powdered part to create a sticky end).
  2. Cut in the middle to cut this in half.  You should be left with 2 sticky marshmallow “discs” or “flying saucers”. (Couldn’t resist *smiles*)
  3. Sandwich one of the discs between two vanilla wafers and smush and roll them around a bit to ensure they stick to the marshmallow.
  4. Complete the rest of the cookies and marshmallows like this.
  5. Melt your chocolate in the microwave or double boiler (I prefer a double boiler myself).
  6. Dip each cookie combination into the chocolate to give it an even coating on all parts.
  7. Set out to air-dry on wax paper, and then put in a container to store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

We found out the wafer stays a bit crunchy, so don’t expect the softness of the actual Moon Pie cookie you may be used to. Some of the tasters felt they were better at room temperature. It’s one of those things where you need to play with to find out how you like them. I enjoyed them both ways personally. *smiles* Have fun with your kids, and treasure every moment with them! They are sure to like these! I even heard they were better than Moon Pies (I find that hard to believe, but they liked them and that’s all that mattered)!

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