Sundays with Friends: Recipe for Buying a Home with Kristi May

We’re going to take a slight detour off of our normal edible path and provide you some real food to chew on…the Recipe for Buying a Home. *GASP* I know, I know. You just shivered in your boots with the thought of that, eh? Truth be told though, buying a home is one roller coaster of joy (I’m not even sure if joy is applicable until you actually have the keys in hand). *smiles* I guess the main thing I can provide in this instance…have a great Realtor! Oh sure, you can have your spouse or partner, your mom or dad, or other family members, but no one (I repeat NO ONE) can replace someone that really does have knowledge in the field of home buying.

We were fortunate enough to meet a wonderful Realtor along our path in life, and when it came time for our own personal home buying roller coaster…she was there for us! Didn’t hurt she was a redhead, and her husband is in a really great punk band (Saint Hooligan), too. *smiles* The funniest thing about the home buying experience, is we had a stack of listings that we ordered from most interested to least interested….visited them all…and, the one we were least interested in (due to location, which now we wouldn’t trade) was the one we fell in love with – despite it’s neon pink and orange walls in one room, and the awfulness that was the deer border in the other room.

Regardless if you do buy a home, or you enjoy the apartment living, it’s a chance to make your living arrangements your own. You can have meaningful items littered about your house that are yours….

Handmade by Maw-Maw for our new home in 2009...

You can decorate how you want to with handmade wreaths on the front door….

The first wreath I made for our new home...

Most important thing is you can decorate how you want to inside…..

I just love this bed!

I was thinking this morning on how to bring the Foodie world into this post, but the only thing I would have wanted to tell you was what the first meal I made in our new home was. I know the first meal we ATE in the house was Pizza for the people that helped us move. (Oh yeah! Obtain excellent help when moving! I had a diehard friend to help me my first day of packing/moving, and I think about that day all the time). But, the first meal I actually prepared…it could have been Chicken Pie, Steak and Potatoes, a Tomato Sandwich, or it could have been a good ol’ PB&J. It was before my full-blown Foodie days, so it could have been anything….super easy. *smiles*

Now, enjoy today’s Sundays with Friend brought to you by our Realtor and very good friend, Kristi May…Welcome to The Onyx Plate, Kristi May!

Recipe for a Buying a New Home

(All directions are to be completed in conjunction with a professional Realtor and not to be completed alone as intense frustration, confusion and damage can occur yielding an undesired result.)

Ingredients Needed:

· Realtor

· Income

· Credit History

· Why you want to buy

· What you want to buy

· Where you want to buy

· Mortgage Lender/Preapproval

· Deposit $

· Down Payment/Closing Cost $

· View Properties

· Offer/Negotiations

· Process: Loan, Inspections, Insurance

· Attorney/Closing

· Patience


1. Begin with Why You Want To Buy & What You Want To Buy & put to the side.

2. Mix Income & Credit History with a Mortgage Lender to obtain Preapproval for how much home you can buy.

3. Prep Deposit $ & Down Payment/Closing Cost $ & set aside in your bank account.

4. Mix together Why You Want To Buy, What You Want To Buy, Preapproval & Where You Want To Buy to yield a list of possible homes.

5. Pour into the View Properties pot and stir until you get the chosen house.

6. Put in an Offer with the Deposit $ and use Negotiations for flavor to establish the desired taste. Some spices to negotiate are price, appliances/fixtures, warranty/repairs, closing costs, financing/deposit, and closing time frame.

7. Once the Offer is accepted and signed, add in the Process of the loan, inspections and insurance completed in a timely manner by qualified professionals and place over high heat.

8. After some time, prepare the topping by mixing the Attorney & Downpayment/Closing Cost $ in the Closing bowl and sign all paperwork to transfer title.

9. After a 30-60 day process, remove your home from the heat, add the topping, turn on the utilities, cool and enjoy!

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a New Home!

Kristi Rich May, Realtor/Broker

“The Name To Know When You Need Results!”

2010 1st, 2nd & 3rd Quarter VIP

2010 Masters Circle Award

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