Garlic or bust…..It was bust.

This was one of those moments…one of those moments you have been looking forward to for days, weeks, months, years. One of those moments you can’t wait to sink your teeth into. One of those moments…you get the point. I was like a cute redheaded chubby kid waiting on her birthday so she can have a delightfully tasty cake made by her momma (Oh wait….my birthday is Sunday…I just described me, but a few years older, just a few *smiles*)! I was waiting on one of those moments!

I have been growing the garlic for months. Just waiting for it to look ready. I’ve been researching, reading, etc. It needed to work, I had to have fresh garlic in my garden (or pot)! During the pictures I flipped through on the internet, a majority of them looked like what I had in the pot. So, I decided it was time to pull them up.

Sidenote: A pretty darn cool new friend asked me what my favorite ingredient to cook with was….I said Garlic! I love the smell of it on my fingertips long after dinner has gone. The smell of it simmering in a pan with a little EVOO. The warmth the smell brings to the home. Yum!

So, the hub and I ventured out on the morning that Irene was pushing through with her high winds and clouds. It was beautiful outside to be honest. (Nothing that screams relaxation much like a good cloudy day, at least in my opinion. It’s seeing the beauty in everything in the world that’s the key to living life….) I just knew I had bountiful heads of garlic waiting for when we pulled them up.

Mr. Garlic had other plans though……..

The hub pulled and pulled trying to get them to come up. They had rooted themselves so deep together that it was hard to pull them. After a little (ok A LOT) of encouragement, one bunch popped out…..And, we had…..Spring Onions?

Seriously though, we did plant Garlic. But, for some reason it did not work. Oh well. When that moment that you’ve been waiting for flops horribly…you certainly have to remind yourself that there is always next time. But, in the mean time, you take photographs of your failure for giggles….*big smiles*

The pictures go in order as follows….Find Garlic at what I think is at”it’s moment”, attempt to pull it out, then attempt to dig it out, give up and just pull the whole gosh darn thing out of the pot by the cherry tree in the backyard so as not to make a mess on the patio, pull apart, shake dirt off and produce little tangly looking doll wigs with green stems sticking out of them….Fun stuff.  *smiles*

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