Birthday Brunch at Iron Hen Cafe…

Crabcake Benedict

I know I just wrote about Iron Hen Cafe. But, I couldn’t resist going back on Sunday for my Birthday Brunch. Since I have already poured my heart out with all the details as to why this place is a tremendous place to eat, I’ll just show you photographs of the food we had that morning.

I had Crabcake Benedict, and the hub had Corned Beef Hash. Both were amazing! Enjoy, and if you’re local…GO EAT THERE! *big smiles*

Find the previous post with the review of Iron Hen Cafe by clicking here.

By the way….a perfectly poached egg is always a treat…





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  1. Crabcake Benedict? Yes, ma’am, I am ON this recipe this month. That’s my September goal- to prepare and delight in something like Crabcake Benedict!


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