Homeland Creamery: A smile in a cup…or cone.

I got more than I beckoned for on Wednesday during a hunt for amazing Ice Cream…

1. I didn’t expect for Homeland Creamery to be decently close to us. I knew it was a beautiful ride through the Country, but never realized that it isn’t too far away for a regular visit.

2. I didn’t expect to meet such a nice lady inside the ice cream shop. Yvonne (I am hoping this is how she spells her name) was very helpful, and she made you feel very welcome. Come to find out, she lives very close to me. *smiles*

3. The Creamery had 16 flavors available! I certainly wasn’t expecting such a vast array. All of which looked appetizingly delicious! The refrigerators there were stocked with their milk, butter, and MORE ice cream!

I love this picture...not only can you see me...oops...you can see the reflection of the store, the products in the case, and other merchandise.

4. There were a lot other local products available as well. I purchased a Fresh Goat Cheese Chevre Herb Ball from Calico Cheese Company right down the road from my house. I had NO IDEA I had a cheese company right down the road! Field trip! I also purchased some Phillips Brothers Country Ham Hot Sausage. It was calling my name from the freezer case in the Ice Cream Shop!

5. The resident “pets” were just as friendly as Yvonne. We were herded by one pup, and three cats enjoyed our visit along with us. (When we sat at the picnic tables, one little cat hopped right up on Mom’s lap and laid down. *smiles*)

6. If you don’t go on the Creamery Tour, they still have a few animals in view that children could enjoy while eating their ice cream…furry rabbits, a couple of turkeys, a few hens, and of course the “pets” I mentioned earlier.

7. The picnic area was very nice and pleasant. I’ll admit it, I’m not a Country Girl. I can’t say a Dairy Farm would be my most favorite smell, but the amazing Ice Cream certainly made up for the smell I wasn’t accustomed to.

8. On to the ICE CREAM! I opted for the Chocolate Reeses and Peanut Butter in a cup. They were both phenomenal! So fresh, creamy, and packed full of flavor. I went with Mom, my Step-Dad, and Maw-Maw. All of which enjoyed their ice cream as much as I did…Maw-Maw splurged for a cone (good woman).

Bottom line…Go and visit Homeland Creamery! It was a pleasant surprise that also featured a lot of other local goods in their store. I would recommend taking the tour when you go though. You can see their website by clicking here to obtain more information on the tours. I didn’t see any cows on our trip, so the cows would be more visible on the tour I am sure.

Now, go have some ice cream from your local Creamery, and feel proud that you just supported your local economy!

A happy blue sky behind a happy ice cream cup













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5 thoughts on “Homeland Creamery: A smile in a cup…or cone.

  1. A wonderful trip with my loves. Great ice cream! I think I need to go back and see my new kitty friend! I just could not get that “Green Acres” theme song out of my head! hahahaha! Farm living is definitely NOT for you.

  2. That’s so cool!!! And what a thing to discover the cheese company that’s near you, wow. That’s true good luck and blessing a-plenty there.

    The question that came to mind after reading about the yummy ice cream is, do they also sell yogurt?

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