J. Pepper’s Southern Grille: Local and Delicious!

Throughout my entire birthday vacation, I have been going on one Foodie Adventure after another. I’ve actually enjoyed every single adventure I have been on immensely, and everyone that I have been on them with.  One more day!

Thursday was certainly another special Foodie Adventure, especially for a Foodie like myself that loves Peppers!

Mom and I had planned to meet my good friend, Jo, for lunch at a place Jo highly recommended, J. Peppers Southern Grille in Kernersville. Unfortunately, I had worn Mom out thus far, and she couldn’t make it this time. Missed her beside me on this adventure, and hope she feels better. However, Jo and I had a wonderful lunch at a fantastic restaurant! She has great taste!

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by quite the good-looking, charming Host. He smiled, greeted us warmly, and we were seated. Next, our waitress, Allison (who was absolutely fabulous!), approached our table and explained a few items for us. Specifically, the Bronzed Salmon Special with a Butter Pecan Topping. How can you not order something that sounds so spectacular? I, of course, ordered the Salmon Special with Macaroni and Cheese, Field Pea Salad, and my standard Sweet Tea. (Unbeknownst to the people I have been on Foodie Adventures with thus far, I am judging the Sweet Tea as well at all of these places. *smiles*) Jo ordered the BLT with Fried Green Tomatoes on it (at Allison’s suggestion) with a side of Grit Cakes.

Let me tell you…the food was fresh, tongue-pleasing, and beautiful. The grit cakes definitely lived up to the hype we had already heard before Jo ordered them. The atmosphere was calming, right down to the local made furniture out of High Point. The illuminating décor was warm, but still modern (which was also bought local). Everything was very classy and very local.

Towards the end of our lunch, Chef and Owner John Jones came to our table and introduced himself. He told of a long line of amazing restaurants he had been a part of, all the way back to the creation of another gem of Greensboro, Lucky 32, and my favorite place to get a steak in North Carolina, Green Valley Grill. No wonder J. Peppers was so wonderful when you have a gentleman involved with such a pedigree like Mr. Jones’.

Mr. Jones is a kind soul and offered for me to come back and have a chat with him if he could offer me any assistance or guidance with anything. You know what…I just might do that. I’m ready to start living life, and I appreciate any hand that is opening up to me. Mr. Jones, I’ll be seeing you, and thank you for a wonderful experience!

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