Sundays with Friends: My Vacation with Friends

A lot of you wanted me to fill you in on everything that I did during my vacation. Mainly because you knew I would be enjoying a lot of Foodie Adventures! We all love food, and it’s fun to relate to each other with the stories. So, I am going to use this Sundays with Friends to tell you everything I did on my vacation with my friends (that was long overdue). Man, 5 am is going to roll around pretty harshly on Monday morning….ughhhhhhhh. *rolling eyes*

The vacation went a little something like this…

Wednesday – I did absolutely nothing! I enjoyed every bit of my first day of vacation, and took a little breather for myself. I knew it was about to be a fun vacation!

Thursday – Mom, Maw-Maw, and I took a wonderful trip to Graham, NC, to see Beyond the Frame: Impressionism Revisited, Sculptures by J. Seward Johnson, Jr. For an art lover like myself…breath-taking. Ate a good Country lunch at Carver’s on Elm.

Friday – Met a great friend for lunch at Anna’s Thai Sushi in Burlington, NC. This was a very delicious restaurant with a great selection. Also had my first visit to Iron Hen Café in Greensboro, NC…NEW FAVORITE PLACE! Read my full thoughts by clicking here, and here.

Saturday – Another relaxing day.

Sunday – The actual birthday. Enjoyed a delightful Brunch at Iron Hen Café. Ended the day with the perfect Birthday Dinner of Maw-Maw’s fried chicken and birthday cake made by Mom!

Monday – Can you believe I did yard work on Labor Day??? I didn’t think it was really about doing labor…*smiles*

Tuesday – Mom and I went to the Greensboro Farmers Market. We met another good friend of mine for lunch with her baby at Moose Café, which is located at the Farmers Market. I bought some beautiful peppers there.

Wednesday – Mom, Step-Dad, Maw-Maw, and I visited a local creamery, Homeland Creamery, in Julian, NC. Had some of the most creamy ice cream…a must visit place! Read my thoughts on Homeland Creamery by clicking here. The hub and I ended the day with our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Fiesta in Burlington, NC.

Thursday – Tried another new restaurant with yet another good friend of mine. We met at J. Pepper’s Southern Grille, in Kernersville, NC. Another local produce driven restaurant. Read my thoughts on J. Pepper’s by clicking here. TIED FOR MY NEW FAVORITE PLACE!

Friday – Mom, Step-Dad, and I met my Step-Sister and her husband at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market and ate at the Fish Market there. After finishing with lunch, we stopped by the Country restaurant there and had a bowl of Banana Pudding. We stopped at the amazing statues again for a second look.

Saturday – I had been craving Sushi lately, and chose this as my big birthday outing with the hub. Had some very tasty Sushi at US Sushi in Greensboro, NC, and we always recommend this place.

Sunday – So, today I am going to envision sitting around, napping, relaxing…I’m afraid life has other plans though. There’s plenty of cleaning I could be doing to get my week back to work started off stress-free. Whether I do it or not….Hmmmm….Napping or laundry, Napping or vacuuming…seems easy enough of a decision for me! *smiles*

Thank you to everyone that made my birthday and vacation so unbelievably special! I love you all, and am so excited to have so many new friends out of this vacation as well. Now, if only we could figure out how I could make money off of this so I could do this as my main source of income…Hmmmm………………..*smiles*


  1. Thank you for including me in your adventures. I love you and cherish our times together. Tomorrow is not back to routine, but back to life refreshed, renewed, and energized of spirit. I hope your birthday was happy and your life will continue to be blessed. All my love, Mom


  2. Thank you so much for mentioning this exhibit. I saw it *years* ago in DC but would love to take my mother to it here in NC. So glad it’s open through October (and even on Sundays!). I enjoyed the reviews too. Big fan of Iron Hen but didn’t know about J Peppers!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Jessica! They said they are open at night as well and that the lighting is just fantastic at night. Iron Hen is amazing, and you really should check out J.Peppers! Let me know what you think, and I hope your Mom enjoys the exhibit. Come back here often! We love new fans. <3


  3. Thanks Jennifer for sharing your week of birthday ventures….sound like a wondeful time..Most of all i appreciate the resturants that you reviewd that me and my hubby can try out …..they look scruptious.Oh yeah….I see were you get your cooking from…lol. maw maw’s chicken and moms cake ..very delightful..


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