Will Cook for Foo: Week 10–Cheeking Peppers Vlog

Here’s the thing about Foo Fighters. I just recently learned (after starting my journey of the “Will Cook for Foo” posts) that their Tour Rider is supposedly a hilarious concoction of humor. It even has a special section for the food as well…a coloring book. *huge smiles* I truly adore these guys!

The Catering section of the Tour Rider goes on to explain to us what a delicious breakfast is in their opinion (which they would enjoy every breakfast in my house if all they drew was hash browns, eggs, and bacon), the difference in good and bad salads, how much they love steak and potatoes, and it includes activities for you to do. I repeat…I adore these guys!

For example: This one is Pat Smear’s, the Guitarist, page.


Since Pat Smear enjoys fresh veggies and the lighter fare, I decided to do something a little different this week. Instead of the normal recipe to follow this post, I want you to watch the video I made about “Cheeking Peppers”. It’s the easiest way to prepare bell peppers. (And, I had fun with my new video editing software…*smiles*)

Since there is no lyric or song with this post…I want you to enjoy their Tour Rider by following the link below.

You can view the full “Part Seven: Catering Visual Enhancement & Activities” by clicking here, and then click the arrow towards the top right of the first page and click “next” until you’ve seen each page of it.  http://www.thesmokinggun.com/file/foo-fighters-2011?page=0

Don’t be fooled, there will be a Twitter update though… “@foofighters: I’d love to color myself into your Tour Rider…specifically under the Catering section when you come to NC!”

Find the previous “Will Cook for Foo” posts by clicking here..


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