Will Cook for Foo: The final entry…Times like these…


Sorry, I just had to get that out there in the open. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement waiting to explode Tuesday night. I have been waiting and waiting on them to tour, and they finally came out of an “indefinite hiatus”. Although they haven’t contacted me at all during these last 15 weeks, I still love them all and am grateful for the way their music has touched my life. Regardless, this has been a stellar journey writing these each week. I’ve learned more about them and found some really fun recipes. I’ve made Wedding Mints, Mini-Moon Pies, an awesome Stir-Fry, Souvlaki, a tasty Salad, nasty Eggplant Chips (hehe, disaster), Monkey Bread, taught you how I “cheek” peppers, Pork Wellingtons, Lemon Chess Pie, I took you to Virginia Beach, and the hub grilled a Bourbon Ham. All-in-all it’s been a great trip of food to say the least! Follow the link under the below lyrics to read all of the “Will Cook for Foo” posts to find the aforementioned items. *smiles*

Come on, the fact that I even did this and put myself out there in the hopes that maybe they would let me cook for them…even if they at the least would have let me bring them my famous Sea Salt Brownies…makes life that much sweeter. Who knows what might have happened? I wouldn’t have known unless I at least tried. Life is like that A WHOLE LOT. We hold ourselves back, and it is true, we are our own worst enemy.

In an every day life of choosing our battles wisely, we pass up some of the most amazing experiences. We either don’t have faith in ourselves or God, or we are too lazy to see our own potential. Therefore, we don’t even try to triumph.

As I have said before…I don’t have some tragedy in my life to share with you (and I’m very thankful for that). I solely have varying degrees of sad moments in my life mixed in with varying degrees of beautiful moments in my life (that certainly outweigh the sad moments). It’s been a good life. I can be honest though, and say that I did become complacent in life. I began not to care, not to try, not to live. Until I began to have courage in myself, and tapped into my faith in God that he will lead me where I am to be.

With the one-year anniversary of The Onyx Plate approaching…can you believe that?…I have to remind myself how far I have come. I have to remind myself to toot my own horn (because that’s ok to do)….to celebrate myself and my accomplishments….to be proud of myself….to breathe in the air around me and know that I am that much closer to living life. Every single day is a challenge in it’s own way. I just have to choose to face more challenges and battles head on, instead of being too afraid of the success.

So what if my life alters? I can figure it out as it goes…I have faith.

It’s times like these, folks…Times like these we learn to live again….

That takes me to the song I am using today may have already been used in a Will Cook for Foo post…but, I love it, and I find it appropriate to end the series on….”Times Like These”.

The selected lyric was “I am a new day rising. I’m a brand new sky. To hang the stars upon tonight.”

My Twitter update “@foofighters …I could have the bread rising if I were cooking for you. Instead, I’ll be your sky to hang your stars upon.”

Find the previous “Will Cook for Foo” posts by clicking here.

To the final “Will Cook for Foo”…..Thanks for the love everyone!

All I have for you is a teaser for the one-year anniversary post in the next week…Homemade Vanilla Wafers… Yum!

Take a second and enjoy the acoustic version of “Times Like These”. Truly a beautiful song…


  1. What a great series and a great finale. I am so proud of you for the woman you have been, the woman you are, and the woman you will become. Without a dream, you will never have a dream come true. Love you!


  2. Jennifer, the wisdom and insight you have at your age is really fantastic. The world is your oyster and there are surely many, many pearls out there for you.


  3. It was indeed a beautiful run all this time of Cooking for Foo and being FOOdies! I’m so happy you’ve a positive attitude on the matter and see all the great things about the journey!


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