2012…It’s me time!

Nothing reminds you more that your life is a fleeting moment in the history of the world more than passing an old cemetery. The bodies that were once vibrant and alive all had aspirations and hopes just as we do today. The human hasn’t changed much folks… just our priorities may have shifted a bit. I believe we have begun to focus more on material items anddigital connections and less on the human interaction and emotion.

As 2012 approaches I have to step back and evaluate my personal well-being. I will be turning 30 this year, and I don’t believe I can honestly say I have focused on myself much in my adult years. As cliché as this may seem to some…this is the year of me. I have health goals, mental goals, and career goals that I must make strides towards this next year. It’sso true that we aren’t promised tomorrow, and all too often that statement has hit home for me.

So I am going to write my list out…not a list of “resolutions”, because you know as well as I know that those are meant to be broken. We’re rebels at heart. *smiles* It’s going to be a list of hopes for my 2012. I have hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and I need to start believing in the fact that I am good enough for those to all happen.

And don’t fret…along with the upcoming healthier recipes in 2012, there will surely be good Southern classics mixed in.  You know me and my Southern roots can’t be parted.  *smiles*

To be blunt:  Complacency can kiss my …… in 2012. I’m done with it.  Time to shake things up a bit…Agree?

First thing on my list… 1. I hope for you – love, happiness, and joy in the coming year.   You have been my loyal reader, and I appreciate you for all of the joy you have given me by coming back time and time again for my posts.  You…I cherish.

Next year’s quote for The Onyx Plate…”We write to taste life twice.”

Happy New Year everyone! 

With love,



  1. This is a great post. We all need to remember to live and love with our whole hearts, minds, and souls. Stop living in the past, living with the “could of, should of, would ofs” and be here – be now – be a part of life! I know you will accomplish great things this year. I believe in you, I support you, and as always, I love you. This life is the one you have been so generously given, cherish it, nurture it, and above all, live it. Tomorrow may never come for some of us, but by golly, if it doesn’t come for me, I know I lived, I loved, and I have been so blessed. I hope you can say the same thing. All my love to my Darling, today and always.


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