Did someone say Dutch Oven??? That’s right! I did!!!

Everyone has that one goal we set our mind to. But dangit if that goal doesn’t seem to push itself further and further away at times. See…I have always wanted a Dutch Oven. Ever since I fell in love with Sunny Anderson on Food Network and watched her use hers time and time again! She absolutely made the most divine looking dishes in hers. I just had to have one!

I didn’t know what Le Creuset was, or even what one of their main revenue items, the Dutch Oven, was.

Further research, after discovering my passion for cooking, led me to the wonders of an actual Dutch Oven. The main thing I loved was that it can go from stovetop, to in the stove, and under the broiler. It also evenly heats because it’s cast iron, which makes it even more appealing.

Then I saw the prices….EGADS!

I knew this gal was NEVER going to be able to afford her own Dutch Oven. So, I just kept admiring the television stars and their Dutch Ovens…dreaming of one day owning one.

Long story short….I ended up in TJ Maxx, and on the bottom shelf saw a bright teal Cuisinart Dutch Oven! My heart began to flutter, and I saw the price. Grrrr….almost to my price point. But, I had to have this one!!! The next day I headed in to work, redeemed my Thank You Points for a TJ Maxx gift card, and hoped that they would still have my Dutch Oven when I finally received my gift card in the mail. Luckily it came within three days, I headed back to the store and it was waiting on me!

In fact…I just got home with Nevo on Tuesday night. Yes, that’s right. With a bit of brainstorming with Mom, it came to be known as Nevo (oven spelled backwards if you needed help with that one *wink*).

This is truly the culmination of my kitchen gadgets hunt. I have been walking around at work talking about it like crazy. I know they will be glad I have it now, and will finally be quiet about it. *smiles*

Goals are always attainable folks, even if it just needs a little bit of patience, Thank You Points, and freakin’ strong muscles to lift the damn goal! Do you know that thing weighs about 15 pounds????


  1. Didn’t really need to know the crass definition of dutch oven, but I am glad you finally got what you wanted. It is a sight to behold! And boy, is it heavy!!!! I look forward to some great tastings in the future!


    1. Thanks, Ashley! I’ll have to check her line out. I guess you can always use more Dutch Ovens. However, this one is a 7-quart, and I’m not sure I have too many other places to store him other than on the stove. So, I may be using him a lot more than I planned just because he’s heavy to move. :)


  2. Just visited from APoetInTheKitchen and did a fast peruse until the title of this post caught my eye. I read it and had to laugh.

    I’m in Ontario, Canada and everything is much much more expensive here so when I priced a 5 1/2 qt round version of the LeCreuset dutch oven at $300 CDN, I almost had a coronary. But it was so pretty and red and then they had a 30% off XMas clearance. So I bought it as a present for myself. It’s pretty heavy even though it’s smaller than yours but it’s just the right size for a single person. :) I make stews, stroganoff, chili, spaghetti sauce and recently, a big pot of clam chowder.

    I don’t have a blog but I have started posting recipes with pictures in my LJ.


    1. Good for you to buy yourself something. I think we forget about ourselves too much nowadays. :) Clam Chowder sounds good. Is that post on your LJ? Because I will certainly be checking it out! Thanks for perusing the site. ;)


      1. Oh, I treat myself on a regular basis. One of the benefits of being single. You can put yourself first. :)

        The clam chowder turned out very tasty … better BEFORE I added the red wine vinegar. I would suggest adding a drop to a maximum of a half tsp to an individual bowl rather than to the big pot to see if you like it. It turned out I didn’t as I learned AFTER the fact. :(



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