Motorco Food Truck Mash-Up in Durham!

It’s up! It’s up! It’s up!

You know that Food Truck Mash-Up that I’ve been talking about so much??? Well the review is posted on Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven’s blog. I encourage you to click the link below to visit the site and read what I wrote about my FIRST Food Truck experiences!

On a side note…are all Food Truck operators beautiful people? There were some very attractive guys and gals operating these particular ones.

Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven didn’t have room for all of the wonderful photographs and moments that I was able to capture through the lens, so I have posted those below.

Remember, click the link to read the words…scroll below to see additional photographs… *smiles*

Thank you again to Ko Kyu, Pie Pushers, Chirba Chirba, Farmhand Foods, Durham Parlour, Motorco Music Hall, and the great music! When are you doing this event again? *wink*

Motorco’s Food Truck Mash Up by The Onyx Plate on Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven



  1. I was in town for FYBO at Motorco a few weeks ago and probably would have come back to Durham for the sumptuous duck treats they were serving anyway, but to be served such exquisite treats by some goddess-version of Edie Brickell sealed the deal. I wish we had good food trucks here :(.


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