Are you following Fresh.Local.Good food group as well?

I just wanted to pop in real quick and make sure you were aware of the other blog I am writing.  Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped The Onyx Plate.  *smiles*  I just don’t want you to miss out on the amazing food I’m writing about with the Fresh.Local.Good food group!

Go to the site and follow it, or make sure you check it out often on their Facebook Page!

Also, if you’re ever in Greensboro, NC, make sure you check it out and enjoy your own delicious meal at their restaurant, Iron Hen Cafe!

Now go and read by clicking on the below link…. *smiles*

Some things you may have missed so far…

Latte Art...
The perfect CrabCake Sandwich!
Friday Night Iron Skillet Fried Chicken!!! Dusted with Espresso Flour and fried in a cast iron skillet. How can you go wrong???

Fresh.Local.Good. food group

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