Dreams of a Restaurant of Kindness…

In the grand scheme of life, we are put here to be good human beings. I am finding more and more that kindness is actually catching on. It’s becoming “trendy” might I venture to say? Seemingly, people are more aware of the human condition than ever before. We know that our neighbor was laid off a year ago and it’s hard to put food on the table. We understand that it’s hard to find a new job with rejection around most corners. We see the foreclosure signs around town, and we feel for the ones going through that. I can’t even fathom what it would be like to have to up-root from everything you know and love, because you couldn’t make your mortgage/rent payment. Unfortunately, this does happen. Now, I don’t have a plan to fix all of this. That’s not my job or my passion to “fix” this. My passion is to provide to others what I can to help others feel their own worth, find their own talent, realize their own dreams, and eventually live out their own success in life. I find that sometimes just a warm meal, good conversation, and a moment to relax is just what’s needed…

With that being said, there is this one dream I have that I finally want to share with you.

At least once a week, I pass this house for sale that’s been labeled “Commercial” now. It’s quite the pleasant house to look at. In fact, it looks as if it would make a nice house to live in. (Keep in mind, I haven’t seen inside this house…but that doesn’t change the dream.) I can completely envision a restaurant in there. Not just your everyday restaurant, but one that would have a set menu each night of the week. Spaghetti on Mondays, Grilled Chicken on Tuesdays, Meatloaf on Wednesdays, Chicken Pie on Thursdays, Potato Soup on Fridays, etc. You get the point. Each plate would cost $4 for adults and $2 for children. It would be a place where people who are struggling could come and have a warm inexpensive meal and sit in a warm house for a while. I’m thinking the hours would be limited to just dinner time, and only open for a few hours. No need to be open late, because it wouldn’t be a bar…just good home-cooked Southern food. *smiles* The guests would walk right into the front door, grab a plate and sit where they wanted to. They could sit at the dining room table, or if they wanted to catch some television time, they could sit on the couch in the den. It would be their house for a few hours where they could feel warm and comfortable away from the worries of their everyday life.

I’m sure there are other places like this around, at least I hope there are. So when everyone tells me in my daily life that I need to open a restaurant…I’m flattered. I truly am flattered. However, the type of restaurant I would want to open, wouldn’t be what they’re thinking about. It would be a restaurant of kindness, specifically designed to help those that need it the most. Because that, my friends, is what’s truly important in life.


You can certainly view the property I’m talking about if you’re curious with the link below…However, the house isn’t viewable. It’s more focused on the surrounding property. I do see though that it is in “Pending” status. I pray that whoever is buying the property, that they do some good with it. Honestly though, I would be sad to see the house tore down, as it has been a source of my dreams for quite a few years now. *frown* There is always a plan though…we just aren’t always privy to what the plan is…trusting.


The above was the best photo I could get of the house on a drive by photograph….so pardon the blurs.

The real estate site says….The 3,000 sqft house on the (7 acre) property features: Main floor has living room, music room, bathroom, 1 bedroom, den, dining room, kitchen and breakfast area and utility room. The second floor features 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. The roof is 12 years old, the HVAC/Hotwater Heater is 13+ years old. The cellar has a concrete floor and is accessible from inside the house.

(Seems like lots of Restaurant space to me!!! *smiles*)


  1. What a wonderful dream. You may not be able to have your restaurant of Kindness just yet, but you can and do share so much kindness to the people around you, that you have achieved a big part of your dream. Sometimes our dreams don’t manifest themselves in the exact vision we see them, but in other more subtle ways. Sharing kindness to those that we love, the ones we don’t love, and the ones we don’t know, is one of the greatest things a person can do on this Earth. I am so proud of you and the kindness that you share on an everyday basis. All my love.


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