CONTEST: Who loves BBQ Sauce???

I do! I do! I do! Who loves supporting local companies and businesses??? I do!

So with that said, I am pleased to bring you my first ever contest. Woohoo!!!  On top of that, what better thing to kick off the first contest with than some of the most amazing BBQ Sauce ever!

I’m so in love with Tay’s BBQ Sauce that I would like to give you two bottles of it. One is their “Sweet and Smoky”, and the other is their “All Purpose”. I think they both should be labeled all purpose because I use them each on everything! Below are a couple of links for you to check out two posts I’ve already written about this culinary delight called Tay’s Southern BBQ Sauce.

BBQ Sauce Makes Life Sexier

Quick and Easy Dinner Alert!

Gosh I love this stuff!

A little tidbit from Tay’s website…“Tay’s Sauce, LLC was created by Doug Hankins and his daughter, Taylor, from Cameron, NC. One year, they made BBQ sauce as Christmas gifts for their family and friends. Everyone loved the sauce, and it became a common request for them to make more. They were encouraged to bottle and sell their sauce, so in the spring of 2009, the “All Purpose Southern BBQ Sauce” was made available for purchase. After the all-purpose sauce took off, people started requesting a sweeter and smokier flavor. After months of trying to find just the right flavor combination, Doug introduced the “Sweet ‘N Smokey” flavor in the spring of 2011. We know that you will love this sauce just as much as their friends and family do. Doug and Taylor discussed that a percentage of all proceeds will go to their home church.”


How to Enter:

The only thing you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment below that tells me why you love BBQ Sauce.

***For extra entries***(once you complete each one, comment below and let me know you did it)

Good luck everyone, and I am so incredibly excited to share Tay’s with you!


Contest ends Sunday, September 30, 2012, at 11:59pm ET. 

Tay’s Sauce, LLC is part of the fast growing “Goodness Grows in NC”, a department of the North Carolina Agriculture and Consumer Services.


  1. a great bbq sauce can make an ordinary piece of meat, extraordinary! always looking for a great bbq sauce! its the umph in wowing the crowd the right sauce with the right meat is what makes the difference in the taste of the finished product. who am i kidding…a great sauce can be put on almost anything and make it better! looking forward to trying this sauce and making it a favorite!


  2. I like bbq sauce on leftover rice and veggies, I love it on pork ribs roasted or grilled, I love bbq sauce on pulled pork from Barbeque Joe’s in High Point, I love bbq sauce that dripped on the plate so i can lick the plate clean when Im done with the meal :-)


  3. I like BBQ sauce (My fav is Head Country brand made in Ponca City,OK) because it can make just about any food taste great and can fix anything even if you burn it, over cook it, under season it, or maul it to death. BBQ sauce can really save the day!


  4. I love BBQ sauce! It’s warm and spicy and sweet and good with every meal – just like me! Nice pictures, BTW. I love the hearts!


  5. My favorite way to eat BBQ sauce is on mashed potatoes! People think that is weird, but they haven’t tried it. It is delicious! I liked both Facebook page but no twitter.


  6. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE barbecue sauce, because while it is traditionally utilized in such a narrow fashion, by playing with the flavors and consistencies, you can make a barbecue to go with any type or culture of cuisine. oh the possibilities!!!!


  7. I love BBQ sauce with chicken nuggets, so does my son; I like to put some boneless chicken breasts in the crock pot with BBQ sauce and cook for 6 to 8 hours; and I love extra BBQ sauce with my pork pulled BBQ. The list could go on and on. :)


  8. I love BBQ sauce because you can do so much with it in the kitchen. It works great for pulled pork, tenderloin, Whole pig, chicken, beef, and of course Deer. And there are so many types of BBG sauces out there to chose from. Love love love.


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