Taking Time for Autumn Beauty

Here in North Carolina, Autumn has come almost perfectly.  I’m starting to think that Winter is fast approaching because of the brisk winds lately though.  Either way, I’ve pulled my sweaters and soup recipes out and am ready!  (Wow, I felt a little old saying “I’ve pulled my sweaters out…”.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what grandparents say, right?)  *smile*  

When our clocks changed last weekend, I didn’t quite realize the impact it would have on my drive home.  I live in a rural area, and yes, some days I have to wait for chicken to cross the road.  Dead serious….  *smile*  So, I’ve become accustomed to taking notice of things along my drive, even if as not to hit them.

For instance:

There is this small barn/cabin that I pass every night.  I approach a field of crops, see the cabin there, and almost everyday I see their American Flag flying high and proud right outside.  I have found that I look for that cabin daily, and am saddened when our flag isn’t prominently displayed for all to see.  In fact, I found that I’m quite disappointed the time has changed.  It’s pitch black when I drive home now.  *sigh*

Another sight is the lake I pass that almost always has two horses standing together beside it.  The sun will be setting, they will be huddled close, and the reflection of the trees around bounces back from off the lake.  It’s always beautiful, and it became even more beautiful when Autumn approached with its changing leaves.  

The third sight is the view below.  Every time I cross over these train tracks, I can look down them and see the most beautiful sunsets.  As the season changed, it was only then that I really started noticing the trees around the tracks.  Before, it had always been that longing to travel down the tracks and escape for a bit.  It wasn’t always about the nature around them.  Fortunately, I took the below photo a day before we flipped our clocks back.  Yes, I stopped my car on the tracks, and snapped this photo.  I am that crazy lady.  *wink*

I wanted to share this photo with you for the simple reminder to enjoy nature and everything around you.  One day, you won’t be able to look upon it daily.



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