Dates Make a Difference: Eat for a Cause event


One of the most wonderful things that I’ve enjoyed since beginning my blog is the connection that I’ve formed with so many in the food world.  I’ve met entirely too many people to sit here and name that have impacted my life in many ways.  I love them all, and I especially love them for letting me into their lives.  Along with the connections, I have been blessed with many food events I am able to attend.  I understand the Farm to Fork movement a lot better, and I also understand the impact of buying local…purchasing from local farms, and also frequenting locally owned restaurants.

I wanted to share this next event with you, because it will truly be a night of amazing dishes and great Chefs!

The event, Eat for a Cause, will be held on August 18th from 6-9pm at :

Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts

251 Spruce Street N., Winston-Salem, NC 27101 United States

You can find more information and purchase tickets at the Dates Make a Difference event website by clicking here.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what Dates Make a Difference is, and what all we will be grubbing on at the Eat for a Cause event on August 18th!  So excited!

“A Dates Make a Difference Event is not a typical school fundraiser. We don’t just throw an event and write your school a check.  Students, parents and teachers work together and come up with a project or proposal for how to best use the funds.  A local ‘Difference Maker’ hosts your school’s event. They partner with local restaurants and food suppliers to offset the cost of the event, to keep costs lower for the parents, and so more of the funds go directly to the project. The event meal keeps a strong focus on locally-grown slow food prepared by local chefs and restaurateurs.  Also at your Dates Event and after a brief presentation about where the funds will be used, children and their parents experience family-friendly and inspiring entertainment that we believe will enrich your relationship.

Fundraising for Education

A new fundraising model where funds go directly toward an immediate, visible and long-lasting benefit.

Building Family Relationships

We inspire a connection between parent and child at our events to help facilitate an ongoing dialogue.

Supporting Local Food

We introduce diners, growers, and chefs to inspire a lifelong love of food, and support of the local community.”


Here’s the menu for the event!


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