Lance Culinary: Egg Sandwich Hack

We have been known to get stuck in a YouTube hole at times.  Okay, who am I kidding?  We watch a LOT of YouTube.  Between all of the Binging with Babish and Bon Apetit videos that we consume, random videos come up that pique our interest.  Sidenote: Both of those channels are excellent to search for fun food videos!

We both had seen a video about an egg sandwich hack, but I hadn’t really watched it in full yet.  During one of our video binges, we looked up one of the many hack videos out there, to watch one in full this time, and we were absolutely amazed.  There was no freaking way this would work.  Well, here to tell you, it does!

My husband has now become the ace at these egg sandwiches, hence the Lance Culinary tag, and we have them on the weekends when we can leisurely wake up and enjoy a hot breakfast together and sip our coffee.  I usually patty out and prepare the sausage, and he does all the rest.  I’d love to say we sip our coffee and enjoy our hot breakfast together sitting on our deck with the beautiful view of the mountains from our cozy cabin.  But, alas, we’re enjoying it with all three of our kitties trying to sit in our laps the whole time.  No better place though, than to be together. <3


To keep it low carb, we always use a low carb shredded/sliced cheese (if we didn’t shred it ourselves with our KA), and then use low carb bread.  We’ve tried it a few different ways with different breads, and they all turn out quite delicious.  If you’re not doing the low carb thing, obviously regular bread works just as well.

Instead of trying to explain how to do it, here’s the video that we went off of for instructions.  I promise you, it works like magic and makes you wonder how you ever made egg sandwiches before this hack.  Enjoy!

Egg Sandwich Hack Video

*Add fat to your egg sandwiches by spreading a thin layer of mayonnaise on the outside of your bread (and inside if you want!).  It acts like butter to toast your bread as it’s in the pan browning.  You get an extra boost of flavor that butter doesn’t always give you, AND extra fat.

Low Carb Recommendations from this post –

Smart Buns – Our local “Keto” nutrition store, Unlimited Nutrition, keeps these bad boys stocked.  They are what we used in the photo within this post.  There is a plain option, and then a sesame option.  However, we decided we preferred the plain.  The sesame option seemed a little dry.  It’s nice to have these local, because when we’re craving a good juicy hamburger, we can have one that same day!

Aldi’s Keto Bread (specifically named L’Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Zero Net Carbs Bread) – After much hype, for MONTHS, our Aldi’s finally had some of the Keto Bread in stock.  Limit was four loaves, so we purchased four loaves not knowing when they would have it again.  There is a multi-seed option, and then a wheat option.  I prefer the multi-seed loaf, but they are equally good.  As with any bread item, the jury is always out on HOW things are made to be low carb, but still have the carbs in them technically…ingredients, etc.  Our suggestion is if you’re comfortable consuming it, enjoy it.  This bread has helped us through some tough cravings.

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