A Silver Lining in a Dark Cloud

With everything happening in the World today, it seems that we are all struggling to get through something each day.  Whether it’s waiting for your Unemployment to kick in so you can pay your bills, struggling to find toilet paper because you didn’t properly heed the warnings from your parents, worrying about your spouse leaving for work each day when they are deemed essential, feeling lonely while isolated from everything and everyone, or just scared in general for what this all means for the reality we will return to soon…it’s all uncharted territory for most of us.  I have found it most important to figure out the norm that you want to maintain when this is all over and the process of moving forward through it all.  It’s all a “one step at a time” kind of movement.

When things started happening with the Covid-19 outbreak, things got a little crazy.  I ended up contracting the flu, even after having had the flu shot.  I later felt like I had possibly developed Pneumonia from it, and if you know us, you know how my husband almost died from Pneumonia back in 2017.  We don’t take it lightly (and neither should you).  I went to the doctor to get a chest x-ray to confirm I had not developed Pneumonia, but since Covid-19 was so rapidly on the move, they had to do a test for it as well.  They confirmed the next day that I had not developed Pneumonia.  However, when they do the Covid-19 test, you have to stay home and quarantine yourself until you get the results back.  A whole week of not leaving the house, and around 7pm on a Friday evening, I finally received my test results.  Luckily, I was negative for Covid-19, and cleared to return to work.  Sadly though, I was laid off the next day.

Through this entire process, I’ve learned to look for the silver lining in it all.  Our home is together.  I’ve been able to get the rest I needed to heal completely from the flu.  Our kitchen has been incredibly full of life lately, despite the issues with the grocery stores.  My husband and I have been able to spend real quality time together because of this, and for that I’m incredibly thankful.  The only thing that makes me sad is that we can’t visit our parents and hug them.  I can’t go with my mom on shopping trips or to grab lunch, and we can’t hang out with our friends.  That part is really sad.  Alas, we’re exploring video chatting more, and everyone knows that’s a fun thing to teach your parents.  Haha.  :)

With all of this being said, the food may not look the most nutritious on the site in the next few posts, but it’s made with love and care for my essential husband from his adoring wife.  He’s the best, and to all of the other essential people, thank you for what you do!  Especially the medical personnel that are truly exposed and risking their lives every single day.

To everyone reading this:  You are loved beyond measure.  You are not alone in your struggles.  Things WILL return to normal, and it is up to you what normal you want to return to in your own life.  We are going to get through this together.  Just have faith, say your prayers, and truly believe in yourself.  You’ve got this!

I thought this post would be a good time to introduce you to my new coworkers.

This is Cinder.  She’s almost 19, and she’s ready for a chess game.  She likes to run around yelling at her brothers.  Don’t get too close though.  She’s the definite example of the type of female you see stories about on the Lifetime channel.  Don’t tell anyone that she likes a good cuddle from her Meowma every day either.  She is my baby girl.


This is Jay on the left and Silent Bob on the right.  They literally just lay around all day with their fat bellies out.  They let me rub their bellies though, so it’s okay if they are lazy.  Did I tell you they each weigh 20 pounds a piece?


The boys are 3-year old brothers, and they honestly don’t sleep separate very often.  That includes when they decide that their Meowma needs 40 pounds of fluffy fur in her lap.  You can often find them cuddled with their arms intertwined while sleeping.  I can’t imagine what their lives would have been like if we had split them up at the shelter.  Adopt don’t shop, people.



  1. Jennifer, you are an amazing wife, daughter, and friend. This has been a trying time for you and you have handled it with grace and dignity. God has an amazing plan for you, I cannot wait to see it revealed! The grankitties are so loved and spoiled. I look forward to new posts. ♥️

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