Board Games – Or is it Bored Games?

I’ve always loved board games and card games.  It seems to be one of the best ways to pass the time without electronics involved when you’re bored…unless you have one of those games with an annoying buzzer of sorts.  Board games allow time for a couple, family, or friends to sit down and bond, without talking about anything at all really.  The goings on in the world don’t have to be discussed.  Sadness and worry are put off to the side for a bit.  The time just seems to be a little sweeter when focused on a board game with your loved ones.

We’ve been recently watching Board James.  It’s quite the funny YouTube channel, that is the sister channel to The Angry Video Game Nerd.  We recently ran across some of his videos that covered a couple childhood games I remember playing with my parents.  I remember Tornado Rex and Mousetrap being the ones I picked to play the most at home, and it was fun reminiscing.  I can still remember the sound that Tornado Rex would make as he twisted down all of the turns as he threw the hikers off the trail.  Then the assembly of the Mousetrap.  I remember that being tedious.  Although, I feel fairly confident that Mom worked through all of that with me and helped set it up the right way.  It would always go off mid-build as well.  Always worth the trouble, in the end, when you caught the mouse.  Once again, fun memories with family.

When it comes to card games, I grew up playing Uno with Paw-Paw.  I often wonder, to this day, if he really was color blind, or if he just used that as an excuse to lose to me.  In fact, he lost quite a bit, come to think of it.  Clearly being the excellent grandfather that he was, it was easier to have a happy granddaughter than a pouty one, I’m sure.  (Yes, I was that kid.)  Every time my husband and I, or our family and friends, bring out the Uno cards now, a feeling of happiness floods over me.  Maybe it’s because I know I’m going to crush them all…(so maybe Paw-Paw allowing me to win so much gave me a false sense of confidence in Uno)…?  Who knows.  Only slightly kidding.  We all know it’s the fact that it was such a happy memory of my childhood.

We currently have a magnetic Scrabble board hanging on our wall in our home.  However, I have beaten my husband in many games, and he’s finally crushing me in one and has refused to play further.  I guess he thinks he can go out on top.  I think I’ll reset the board today…Hmmmmm.  You have officially been challenged, my dear.  I know you read these posts.  :)

The one thing I do know is that the below game experiences give me joy, and I hope you can find joy in spending game time with your family while being stuck at home.

  • Playing Uno in bed with my husband
  • Playing Scrabble with anyone who dares to enter into a challenge
  • Having our friends over for a game of Uno or Cards Against Humanity, no matter how uncomfortable CAH can make us feel at times (ready for stay at home orders to be lifted so we can continue this!)
  • Most importantly, and definitely not last, playing Chess with my husband.  After all, it’s a beautiful time where we can disconnect and focus on something other than the problems going on outside of our home.  However, I have to use a computer to play him, so I crank it up a level sometimes so I can crush him…there’s that false sense of confidence again.  :)  Chess lessons, anyone?

If you’re feeling bored, or uninspired, do some research on board games online.  Pick out the best game or games for spending time with your loved ones.  There are so many options out there, and you really just need to look for one that you can crush everyone else in…errrr, one that you can enjoy time with your loved ones over.

Target Board Games

Walmart Board Games

Board Games Google Search

*Sidenote:  We’re a competitive family if you couldn’t tell.

Random cat finding of the day:   I have never noticed how big of a little cat butt that Silent Bob has.  It is the absolute cutest booty ever.  I like big cat bootys, and I cannot lie.


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