Shrimp Rolls and Fries

Among the recent craziness at the grocery store, we’ve put our Keto lifestyle on hold for just a few.  It’s just not safe for us to continue going into the store for fresh food so much, and we need to continue with the social distancing to protect ourselves.  Also, during these times, it seemed like a bit of luck if we could find anything we would normally eat.  However, we’ve been on full carbs for a month now, and I would be lying if I told you we weren’t enjoying it.  Carbs = Stress Relief…at least for us.

One of the few things that we’ve been getting on our grocery delivery orders has been a loaf of Italian bread or a Ciabatta loaf.  It’s been fun figuring out different ways to use it.  The normal is obviously just slicing, buttering, and broiling in the oven.  What bread lover wouldn’t be satisfied with that?  We’ve also been trying to work through our supply of food in the freezer.  (It’s been really refreshing working our way through everything in there!)  Luckily, I found some shrimp that Mom had given us when helping to restock our food supply recently.  Love that woman with all my heart!

The other night, my husband suggested Shrimp Po Boys, but instead of doing something that required breading the shrimp, I opted for a Shrimp Roll.  While we didn’t have the potato rolls the recipe suggested, we did have some of a Ciabatta loaf leftover from the night before.

During this non-Keto time, we’ve also taken part in keeping potatoes in the kitchen.  I know!  Seems so naughty!  I’m here to tell you that it has been so great, people.  Like actually having mashed potatoes instead of cauliflower mash.  SO great!  This time with the potatoes, I made homemade fries in our air fryer.  They turned out rather well, and it will truly be a side dish I will miss when we get back into our Keto lifestyle.


The two recipe links we used are below.  Both of which have wonderful recipe ideas on them.  If you remember from a previous post, Bon Appetit is one of my favorite YouTube channels to watch.  Make sure you check it out sometime.  For the Shrimp Rolls recipe, I didn’t have any celery or horseradish on hand, but I used everything else and it turned out delicious.

Let me know if you try either of these.  Enjoy!

Bon Appetit Shrimp Rolls Recipe can be found here.

Pillsbury Air Fryer French Fries Recipe can be found here.


Random Cat thought of the day:  They are starting to annoy me with this cuteness act.  I wonder if they have always been this cute, or if it’s just because they know their Meowma is around all day now watching?


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