Herb Butter on Keto

One of the main staples on Keto is a grass fed, unsalted butter.  This time around, we’re 20200420172249_IMG_1545going to start experimenting with more flavored butters.  One way to use these is definitely with steak prepared in the skillet.  You can baste it while it cooks in the skillet, and it just makes it have the most flavorful finish to a steak ever.  Luckily for us, we had steaks that had been smoked on Sunday by my husband’s brother, that were already perfectly cooked.  So the addition of the butter worked well with warming the steaks in the skillet.  So good!

I like to set a large spoon of it on the top of the steak before removing it from the skillet.  It just melts perfectly and allows a sort of sauciness for the steak on the plate.  Making the herb butter is super simple and absolutely a must on Keto.  Mix it up a bit.  :)  You can put it on broccoli, cauliflower, keto bread, grilled chicken breasts, etc.  The possibilities are endless!


Herb Butter at Home

  • herb or seasoning of choice (the amount depends on your preference) – This time, I did garlic powder, kosher salt, fresh chives, and a dash of Lawry’s (because why not?).   I used out of our spice cabinet to avoid going to the grocery store too much right now, but you can certainly use all fresh ingredients if you have them on hand.  I could see this with minced garlic or a make a garlic paste to mix in with the butter.
  • unsalted, grass fed butter of choice – I used 1.5 sticks this time for steaks, but you could do a much larger portion to keep in the fridge if you find a flavor combination that makes you happy.


  • There may be other ways to prepare the butter, but this worked out well for me.  20200420172316_IMG_1546Melt the sticks of butter in the microwave, in the container you’ll be storing it in.  You can just soften them as well if you’d like.
  • Add in the herbs and seasonings of choice, and mix together.  If your butter is softened, you should be able to mix it by spoon.  I melted mine, so I whisked everything together.
  • Place in the refrigerator, covered, and let sit for about 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, go back in and stir it all around.  This last stir isn’t needed most likely if you’re working with softened butter in the beginning.  However, since I melted mine, all of the chives had floated to the top and needed to be stirred in when it was at a more solid state for even distribution.
  • When ready to use, use it in the skillet, or if you’re grilling your steaks, just serve it on the plate with a pad of your homemade herb butter on top.  It’s all a good way to enjoy a new way of butter while on Keto.  Enjoy!

Check out my husband’s beautiful butter and steak video.  Makes me want more steak now!


Random Cat event of the day: The older 18 year old, Cinder, made a CHOICE to jump up on the chair and snuggle beside her 3 year old brother, Silent Bob.  This is a first, and it definitely brought a tear to my eye.  She’s finally accepting them…or at least Bob. *love*


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