Beef Burrito Skillet – So cheesy!

If there is something we have been missing during this quarantine, it’s sitting down at our favorite Mexican restaurant with a basket of chips in front of us.  There’s something so fun about a night out for Mexican food.  On Keto, we tend to miss the tortilla chips and tortillas themselves.  Additionally, I’m not one to use the cheese to make “crisps”, so the longing for chips is real.  No substitutions, in my opinion.  However, you can still eat these dishes, but just eliminate the chips or tortillas needed.  You still get all of the flavors that you desire from a date night out for Mexican.

20200421174102_IMG_1556One of the things we’ve found is that it’s good to add on “toppings” to any of your favorite Keto dishes.  You have a lot of options, and it fills the plate with even more food.  For this dish, I added in mushrooms and a little onion.  That wasn’t in the recipe linked, but it definitely is something to add substance.  If there’s something else you love to add to things, go ahead and do it.  It’s your kitchen, have fun in it!

20200421174040_IMG_1555You can find the recipe for the Cheesy Beef Burrito Skillet by clicking here.  Like I said, I added in mushrooms and onion.  They went in during the browning of the ground beef.

The taco seasoning recipe that I used can be found by clicking here.  I kind of eyeballed the portions of each seasoning, but feel free to make a full batch and use out of it as needed.

In the end, this was a super simple and delicious Keto recipe.  It comes highly recommended from our home.  The one tip I would give you on any Keto recipe, and the nutritional breakdown, you can usually find different brands that have less to zero carbs than what may be calculated with an online recipe.  Always keep an eye out on the labels and read them carefully.  Make wise choices on your carb counts.  Enjoy!


Random Cat thought of the day:  This lovely old lady could sleep through anything.  I’ve enjoyed every extra waking moment with her while being laid off.  Taking time for our pets during this crazy time is just as important.  Make sure you’re loving on them lots as well.  It’s good for you and them.


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