Chicken Tip – Salsa anyone?

With all of the crazy going on, we’ve been working hard to find chicken breasts when we can.  Sometimes that means buying in large bulk.  We work as a team and break them down into different ways we know we’d be cooking them…sliced into strips, butterflied for stuffing, bite size pieces for nuggets, etc.  Then we write on the bags before freezing them.  It helps us know what and how much is in each bag for preparing meals.  We also will write if they are designated for specific dishes during the week.


20200427185056_IMG_1661One of my favorite ways to prepare strips of chicken, or any chicken pieces for that matter is to add a couple tablespoons of your favorite salsa to the skillet when cooking them.  It provides an excellent flavor once everything starts caramelizing.

We like to use the salsa chicken strips the most on a salad with spicy toppings.  The more toppings you can add, the more filling it ends up being.  This salad had the following toppings –

  • pickled jalapeno slices
  • HT Traders Chipotle Ranch (a great low carb option!)
  • diced tomatoes
  • shredded mozzarella
  • black olives
  • sliced mushrooms

Give the salsa trick a try sometime.  It’s a simple and low carb way to add a ton of flavor to your chicken.  Enjoy!


Random Cat Thought – Never let someone tell you that cats don’t love belly rubs.


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