It’s been a while since I’ve really written from the heart. However, some days tug on the heart strings more than others. Sometimes you just need to write things out. This is one of those days.

It’s been 7 years since Maw-Maw left us here to go on without her. I guess God felt she was needed in Heaven more than on Earth. Who knows why that was her time. The only thing I do know about her passing is that it was incredibly hard on our family, and it still flares up once in a while. There are still times I cry over things that I just don’t want to do because it was something she and I used to do together. It took me forever to go back to Steve’s Garden Market, forever to make Christmas bows, never went back to that Italian restaurant, and don’t find the same passion in making wreaths for my front door. Death takes a toll in many ways.

The happy memories are great to have, and it’s sometimes the only thing that pulls me out of the sadness of missing her and our bond. I believe it is our bond that has her appearing in my dreams once in a while to just say hello. I’m here to tell you that the relationship Maw-Maw and I had, grandmother and granddaughter, well, now that was something special.

Today’s her birthday. She would have been miserable being stuck in the house with this new Covid life we’re all living. We would be miserably worried for her that she would contract such a horrible virus. I would have been miserable not being able to feel her hugs or kisses on the cheek…but I guess that’s nothing different than right now…

Thinking about her, has given me a few ideas to share with you, on what to do for the elderly at this time. If you do any of these things, it’ll be a great birthday present to her, and I’ll forever be grateful. –

  1. Call a local nursing home and see if there is anyone that may want to talk on the phone to someone. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there lonely. It’s even lonely for us that are unemployed right now.
  2. Bake a cake or some other delicious goodies for your elderly neighbor, and place it on their doorstep. Ring the doorbell, and when they see that awesome cake, have a short, very socially distanced, check in with them. If they end up not being able to have the goodies due to medical reasons, then see what you can help them with otherwise.
  3. See if there is an organization that is helping the elderly in your community with shopping or even yard work. There are plenty of people that are unable to go out in this mess…this would include anyone else you can think of that is at risk.
  4. Send a handful of cards to a local nursing home with a note for them to distribute them to who they see fit. If you want, include your phone number or address in case they want to reply and start a new PenPal. Man, PenPal days were the best!
  5. WEAR A MASK! It’s the number one thing you can do for the elderly. Wearing a mask is not political when your lack of wearing one could literally give someone a death sentence. Be a good human.

We need to take care of the elderly in our community, especially of your own in your family. You never truly know when the miserableness of missing someone will begin, so do your part to make every day the best for every one you meet. That’s what Maw-Maw would have done.


  1. Oh how your Maw-Maw loved you. You were so special to her. What a wonderful tribute to her to honor someone else in her memory. You are loved and watched over from Heaven above. All my love, Momma


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