Salmon, please!

One of the many things I’ve learned about my husband is that he instinctively wants to fix things. It could be something electronic, something furniture related, or even something as simple as fixing a craving I’ve been having for salmon. He instinctively wants to help and fix, and I’m super happy to have a husband like him.

Speaking of salmon cravings, the other day I was really craving salmon. You know that good piece of grilled salmon that you can only ever seemingly get at a good steakhouse. It’s juicy, buttery, meaty, etc. It has all the good qualities. Keeping in mind that he enjoys going to a local butchery near where he works, I mentioned my craving. I told him I really was craving a good piece of fresh salmon. Now, let it be known, that I only wanted a single piece on my plate with a side of some sorts.

On Friday, I was presented with this…

I was shocked and pleased at the same time, for sure! He had not only sought out to fix my craving, but had went above and beyond with an entire salmon side. I was like a kid in a candy store, and an extremely happy wife. I was an even happier wife when he said he was going to do all the preparing and cooking of said salmon. I had hit the “happy wife, happy life” jackpot!

To prepare it, he decided to brush the salmon with mustard, and top with fresh cracked black pepper, and rosemary from our garden. It’s one of my favorite ways to have salmon. Something about all of the flavors meld perfectly on the plate. We served it with creamed spinach, and had a delicious meal made with love.

The next time you ask your love to fix something, I hope they go above and beyond for you as well. Thank you, my love! It was the best salmon yet! When you going back to the butcher though?

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