Why I do the things I do…

I’ve been thinking about this post for a couple weeks now, and something is telling me to write it. So, here it goes, and yes, I’m aware the title sounds like an oldies song.  Good stuff.


Why do I walk slowly in the rain? It feels like a cool refreshing rinse off from Mother Nature, and it reminds me of all of those sappy (but wonderful) moments in romantic movies. Sometimes I’ll make my husband slow down in it, or even dance in the rain with me. Those moments always make me smile.

Fried ChickenWhy do I still use the set of silverware Maw-Maw bought from Avon decades ago that I received when she passed? There’s not another set of silverware that holds the memories or beauty that those pieces do. I can see them sitting on her table in the dining room, and in the drawer in her kitchen…with her standing right there with them. I took the first photograph I was really proud of using one of those forks. They all make me smile.

Why do I give compliments to complete strangers? Through life, I’ve been taught to love others and show them kindness. I know that there are people that aren’t as blessed as I with the types of relationships I have with my parents and my husband. I hope to spread what I have, because I have it in abundance. That simple act of kindness makes me smile.

Why do I enjoy learning about people and ask really odd questions? In every moment, we are where we are supposed to be. I believe that our paths cross for reasons. If I can learn a few things about someone, it might present an opportunity where I could help with either a kind encouraging word or help in some other way. Everyone has a story, and that makes me smile.

Why do I cry at times when I think about my husband? Almost three years ago he was on life support, fighting for his life. I stayed in that hospital with him the entire two weeks over Christmas. I watched his vitals. I watched his chest rise with every breath he took on that machine. I watched his chest rise with every breath he took when he was off that machine. I rubbed his head. I read chess books to him. I held his hand. Our strength was never more clear to me than those two weeks. We made it to our wedding that next year, and that makes me smile.

Maw-Maw in KitchenWhy do I cry when I think about Maw-Maw? Lately, I’m reminded of how much my Mom misses her, and it breaks my heart to know that I, too, will know that feeling one day. At the same time, I’m incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful memories my Mom and I make each day. Memories that I know will make my heart sing for the rest of my life, and that makes me smile.

Why do I have a favorite kitchen burner? The back right burner on the stove never seems to heat up right. The front right burner doesn’t cool down when I lower the temperature. The back left burner is my second favorite, but it’s only for little pots. Then, this Goldilocks figured out that the front left burner was just right. It has a small and larger burner function, and it behaves. We all have a favorite burner, you know you do, and that funny fact makes me smile.

Why do I refuse to make the bed? My favorite time of the day is literally plopping into bed and cuddling up to my husband. Yes, I said plopping. The feeling of a day well lived, and the security and comfort on his chest is the best feel good medicine. The sooner I can do that, the better, and pillows with all that fluff an stuff on the bed just creates an obstacle. Looking forward to that moment in the day, makes me smile.

Why do I believe in being kind to everyone I meet? Throughout life, I haven’t always been treated with kindness. I haven’t always been treated with respect or appreciation. It’s because of that, that I believe in being kind to everyone. You don’t know the struggles everyone is going through in their own lives. There’s no way to know, so it’s important to always be kind. You could be the change someone needs in their life, at that very moment. The respect or appreciation that I can give someone could change their life, and that makes me smile.

Isn’t that what life is about, finding your own smile? Find what makes you happy so you can share the happiness! Analyze your quirks. Appreciate everything you do. Be loyal and respectful to yourself. You’re pretty awesome, and you definitely deserve to be kind to yourself. Knowing there are so many of you that read these posts, that makes me smile. Thank you for all of the love over the years, and for putting up with my non-recipe posts. Sometimes you’ve just gotta get some things out. Be kind to yourself and others, and wear your masks, even if it hides your beautiful smile!



  1. This post is beautiful and it flows from a beautiful heart. You are very special and loved beyond measure. ♥️


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