Cheeking Peppers

Will Cook for Foo: Week 10–Cheeking Peppers Vlog

Here’s the thing about Foo Fighters. I just recently learned (after starting my journey of the “Will Cook for Foo” posts) that their Tour Rider is supposedly a hilarious concoction of humor. It even has a special section for the … Continue reading Will Cook for Foo: Week 10–Cheeking Peppers Vlog

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Enter…My Imagination

It’s no secret if you have been reading my blog from the beginning…we love peppers, and we love cooking with them!  I’ve also been exploring different ways to use vegetables at breakfast on the weekends.  Honestly, my breakfasts aren’t very exciting through the week.  So, I always try to make something fun for us on the weekends.  My Maw-Maw has a recipe for Breakfast Casserole.  It has always been a holiday favorite when family is over for breakfast.  It’s a nice warm breakfast that warms you to the very core of your soul.  With this being said, it contains yummy … Continue reading Enter…My Imagination

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