Misinterpretations work out great sometimes!

You know how sometimes we misinterpret what others tell us?  Although that can sometimes be absolutely horrible, and people get their panties in a wad…in recipes, this can result in a glorious bite to eat!  Maw-Maw mentioned this little biscuit creation that her friend brings to church on Sunday mornings sometimes.  Honestly, I can’t remember much about what she told me to do.  I remember quartered flaky biscuits…sausage (mmm)…and bake.  So this is how I interpreted the instructions…

Sausage Biscuit Rolls

  • 1 can Grands Flaky Biscuits
  • 8 sausage patties, pre-cooked (can be leftovers or bought pre-cooked)
  • 8 small cubes of cheese (you could use shredded or small cubes – no longer than the sausage patty)

Preheat oven to 350°.  Cut each sausage patty and biscuit in half.  Smush (don’t you love this term?) the one biscuit half in your fingers to flatten it out.  Place a half of a sausage patty on top, and then a piece of cheese on top of that.  Then wrap them both up to where they are completely covered in the biscuit dough.  Repeat until all are done.  Space them evenly on a non-stick pan (or one coated with Parchment Paper).  Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown on top.  Oh so good!!!

This is how it was supposed to be…

Take one can of Grands Flaky Biscuits and cut each one into quarters.  Reshape each quarter into small round circles.  Bake until golden brown.  Then fill with any type of meat.  Essentially creating mini-biscuits. 

What made this recipe so good?

The cheese was Medium White Cheddar cheese from Tillamook Cheese!!!  I’m serious people, you can’t beat it!  Although I prefer Neese’s sausage, the Jimmy Dean that we had was just as good.  It didn’t hurt that the sausage patties had been leftover and frozen since Christmas morning breakfast (good memories).  If I changed anything at all…it would have to be that I would put a smidgen of mustard in between the cheese and sausage before wrapping it.  I personally enjoy a little mustard on my sausage biscuit.  Otherwise, this was an absolutely surprisingly delightfully cheesy breakfast!  Thanks to Tillamook, Jimmy, and my sometimes poor listening skills…

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  1. This is excellent and easy! Morning Star makes a line of soy sausage patties, so I could actually mimic this and make it vegetarian!

    Thanks again for your fantastic posts. You’re the cutting edge of good food blogging!


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