It’s about the buns, hun. – Sausage, Egg and Cheese

20200523125856_IMG_1850We have found our secret weapon, folks!  Our local Keto go-to place has a ton of Keto options, and they usually have the SmartBuns in stock.  I’ve talked about them previously with the pimento cheese sandwiches and tuna salad sandwiches, but they truly are the best with burgers.  They stay firm enough to hold up to a big patty, and don’t fall apart with hot chili soaking into the bun.  Try both the sesame and plain to see your  preference, but know that we prefer the plain.  The couple times we’ve purchased a sesame box, they’ve been on the dry side and crumbly.  Oh yeah!  Don’t forget about fried bologna and cheese sandwiches!  Boars Head All Beef Bologna from the deli is zero carbs.  You’re welcome.

These buns help us feel like we’re still enjoying carbs while doing a low-carb lifestyle.  While they’re easy to want to eat every day for convenience, we save them for the weekends.  We try to eat homemade from scratch things during the week to limit added chemicals and processed foods in our systems.  However, when the carb cravings hit on the weekend, all bets are off, and the buns and pizza crusts come out.  :)

Give these a try, and if you’re near Burlington, support your local stores and stop in to Unlimited Nutrition to see what all they have to offer.  Trust me, it’s a lot!

In case you missed the great egg sandwich hack that my husband uses all the time wonderfully, check out the below for instructions and photos when using these buns.  So amazing and perfect on the weekends!  Enjoy!


The Great Egg Sandwich Hack

Step 1) Find your favorite egg pan that’s big enough to accommodate two slices of whatever bread you’re going to use.

Step 2) Scramble two eggs, and go ahead and salt and pepper them to your liking.

Step 3) Melt two tablespoons of butter in your pan.  Pour in the eggs, and before the egg cooks all the way, place your bun or bread slices on top of the still runny eggs.


Step 4) When the egg no longer jiggles, use a spatula and flip everything over.


Step 5) We like to add mustard on a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, so just add the condiment of choice on this step.


Step 6) Fold the egg up on the sides to fit onto the bun, and top with your sausage patty and slice of cheese.


Step 7) Fold it over on itself to complete the sandwich, and brown on both sides.  The butter you cooked everything in will help the bun brown nicely.


Step 8) Serve on your favorite plate, and enjoy!  When you make sure you buy zero carb ingredients, it ends up being very guilt free, as the only carbs you’re getting are the very limited amount from the two eggs.


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