It’s funny thinking that this will be my first post.  I have been working up to this first step of what I hope grows into something very rewarding for me.  No, I don’t mean monetarily, I don’t mean famously.  I mean a sense of accomplishment, being an inspiration to others, and finding my passion for life.  I can step into my kitchen, small it may be, and be the ruler of my domain.  I can create dishes that can transport me to places I otherwise my not be able to afford to visit.  I remember my Mom and Maw-Maw always trying to get me in the kitchen to learn to cook.  Granted, I did learn a lot from them.  Although, my true lust for cooking didn’t come out until the husband and I decided to plant a little itty bitty garden in the back of our new home.  It wasn’t much this year…a couple Rosemary bushes, a Cilantro plant (killed by the extreme heat this summer), and various pepper plants (we love a spice to our food).  Next year, I am planning a much larger garden….he just doesn’t know that yet.  So as I prepare to make my first dish for my new blog tonight, I am going to start with a couple of items from our garden this year. 

It’s your kitchen, your pantry, your stove, your life….don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit.

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! You are so creative!! Would love to “play” in the kitchen with you. It won’t be long until I’ll be saying.. “I know her”!!


  2. Fresh herbs are amazing. I had the absolute pleasure of chopping up freshly picked rosemary last year and cooking with it at Tyler’s house.

    In the movie “Julie & Julia,” one of the things Julie says is that after a hectic day in one’s life, it’s reassuring to know that you can put together certain foods, and they always create the same recipe. I take comfort in that idea- we can replicate our recipes over and over and over again, feeling the stability of them, and even though they may be individual, they’re still the same result. I like that.

    Also, as you can tell, I’ve been going through your blog, trying to *Like* all the posts and read them all. Cheers to that!


    1. Love the smell of a fresh Rosemary’s residue still on the fingers after stripping it! Very true. That’s exactly like that Chicken Pie…I always know certain ingredients together will make it perfect. But, I also know that I can fall back on the family’s standard chicken pie recipe and be just as happy and comforted. Thanks for all of the “Likes”!


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