Altered Health…

I woke up this morning not feeling too well, and I certainly didn’t want to grab for the fiber-filled healthy cereal.  I wanted something mild, something semi-bland, but yet something that would be easy and delicious.  The hub pulled out a box of Wheat Blend Hungry Jack Pancake Mix.  YUM!  All I could think about was pulling out the bag of walnuts I had bought at the grocery store.

On a sidenote…I pass by items in the grocery store and think to myself, “I am going to do something with this item.  Not sure what, but I am!”  I guess it becomes my personal challenge.

So anyways, I grabbed the bag of walnuts and chopped a few up and added them to the mix the hub was stirring up.  He proceeded to warm up the Lite Syrup after making the pancakes, and we were on our way to enjoying a delicious simple breakfast!  Things don’t have to be complicated to be completely and utterly yummy!

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