A pictorial guide of my Souvlaki Lunch on Sunday…

As some of you may know, I look forward to the semi-annual Souvlaki Lunch at our local Greek Orthodox Church. Wait, let me reemphasize this….When I say I “look forward to”, I mean I ride by every chance I get to check their sign outside to see if it has a date on it for the next one! It honestly is some of the best food around here! To show my love for it, I decided to just do pictures for you with small little captions. Enjoy!

Warning: It’s not a happy ending…

"P" is for "Pleasure" The pleasure you will feel after having your belly full of this delicious meal! Actually, to be honest, "P" is for "Pork".
This is what you see when you open the lid to your "P" box...
You take the paper off and reveal the masterpiece!
I usually take my tomatoes off and enjoy them by themselves.
The best Sweet Tea around!
This was the absolute best I think the Baklava has ever been. Sooooo amazing! Still drooling just looking at the picture....
Don't let anyone steer you wrong, because this girl can eat......The sad part...........It's all gone........The End

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