Old Mill of Guilford – a great Foodie Adventure!

There’s a lot to say about different kinds of Foodie Adventures. It can be as simple as a new store/restaurant or as elaborate as touring a processing facility. If it involves food, it can be turned into a Foodie Adventure. We should all try to have these more often so that we can take pride in the culinary world around us everyday. It’s something we all have in common, so why not embrace it and enjoy it!?

My wonderful Uncle was in recently for Thanksgiving, and his friend back home loves grits. What better place to buy grits for him to take home than an a fully operational, water-powered, 18th century grist mill? On to the Old Mill of Guilford we went!

If you’ve seen any stories about the Old Mill of Guilford on PBS, or other news stations, you will notice that they are careful to make you feel as if it is deep seated in the country, peaceful, etc. Don’t be fooled…it is literally seated right off of Hwy 68. In fact, the mill was there before the highway, and when planning was done for Hwy 68, they ran it right between the mill and it’s millpond causing necessary modifications to be made in order to stay functioning. Now I’m obviously not from the time when that happened in 1932, but I do wonder if there was any controversy. It seems a shame for beautiful history to be disrupted in that manner.

Their website gives the best summation of the mill…

“The Old Mill of Guilford was founded in North Carolina on Beaver Creek in 1767 to grind grain for the early settlers of what is now Guilford County. Today, the mill continues to produce all-natural, stone-ground, whole grain foods, just as it has for over 250 years. The mill produces all natural corn meals and grits along with a wide range of mixes including: sweet potato and oat bran muffin mixes, gingerbread, Scottish scones, Scottish shortbread, and heidesand cookie mix (a German shortbread). Visit the Old Mill Store for these products and other fine foods and crafts from North Carolina.”

The little store inside the mill had a ton of mixes it seemed, along with many North Carolina crafts and a few pottery items, and I surprisingly only walked away with two Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffin Mixes, and two Corn Muffin mixes. One of each went to a good friend, so I wasn’t being that much of a pig. *smiles*

I have tried both mixes at this point, and my friend has tried the blueberry muffin mix. She felt the blueberry muffin mix came out a bit dry. She made them to specs, and when I made them, I added more blueberries and chopped pecans (you know I love my pecans). I didn’t find mine to be that dry, but a little butter never hurts a muffin in my book. To be specific, that Land o’ Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter never ever ever ever ever ever hurts a muffin or anything for that matter. *huge smiles*

But, the real star of this story, and sadly I don’t have photographs of them quite yet, is the Corn Muffin Mix! In my book, this beats Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix hands down – I know, I’m sounding like a crazy person now. It was the perfect amount of coarseness, of heartiness, of sweetness. It was just perfect and worth the $4.95 for two pounds of mix.

You can view all of their products by clicking here. They ship their products and a lot of local fresh restaurants use their products. I know my favorite Ironhen Café is one of them! Look at those Shrimp and Grits (I’d bet money they are from Old Mill of Guilford) to the right! They were delicious at Ironhen. I know another restaurant that is fantastic, is J. Pepper’s Southern Grille. They have been on television a lot using their products. Love them as well!

Most every bag of goodness you get from Old Mill of Guilford will have a recipe tucked inside of it. It really is a wonderful little place full of history and the highway isn’t that annoying. *smiles*

Here are a few shots of the muffin mix…if you’re local, give them a try and pick up some goodies straight from the South for your loved ones this Christmas!

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  1. What a great day we had! I made the Very Berry Muffins and they were great! I made grits and yummm!!! People who have only had those instant grits have no idea what real grits are! Thank you for including me on this wonderful Foodie Adventure. Love ya!


  2. This sounds like fun! Bapaw loves grits. :D

    Do you have pecan trees up that way? I do live on a pecan orchard, you know; I could send you some, though you’d have to crack them yourself. Maybe I could send you a pecan cracker, too?


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