Vesuvios Pizzeria! And no…I’m not talking about the group from Guitar Hero…that’s Vesuvius

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m very much into local restaurants, and supporting local businesses. I really thought I had heard of them all here locally, but there was one that I discovered on UrbanSpoon that I had not been to yet. Vesuvios Pizzeria is located on Church Street in Burlington, NC.

It’s a handsome Italian man that is married to a beautiful local woman…classic love story. Something about a man with an accent…I’m sure he said the same about her and hers. We Southern women do have nice accents. *smiles*

The first experience we had in there consisted of pasta and bread. Oh…My…Gosh! The bread was absolutely amazing, and when the Mrs. confirmed that this was the same bread their pizza crust was made out of, we were surely going back soon. Um….yeah…the next day for lunch in fact. And, we have been there three times in the last two and a half weeks. *shameful but happy smiles*

For the second visit, it was of course Pizza, and we took our wonderful neighbors with us! We adore pizza, we really do, and when you can find a good pizza place, you hang on to it and frequent it often! The pizza was fantastic, and you can see pictures of it with the steam coming off of it perfectly. The crust was great, the sauce was great, the toppings were sliced to the perfect thickness…perfection!

The third experience, it was a Philly Cheesesteak for me….love me some cheesesteak – one day I will actually make it to Philly for a real one. But, this one was really tasty even if I weren’t in Philly.

But, you know what I admired most…it’s when I asked the Mrs. (the owners have been in there each time, which I love that fact!) if she had any “housemade” desserts, she was honest and said no. I appreciate honesty, and that was great to hear! She did recommend the Limoncello Cake that was brought in direct from Italy…so, we couldn’t resist. Needless to say…super glad we didn’t resist. *big smiles*

Do yourself a favor and check out Vesuvios Pizzeria. It really was a wonderful experience…all three times in the last two and a half weeks! *smiles*

Also…if you’re not using UrbanSpoon on your Smart Phone…you should be! My favorite Foodie App!

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  1. Sooo jealous of your wonderful restaurants! We have some good ones around here. I heard tale of a date and tomato pizza. Perhaps I’ll relay that one to you, m’dear! :3


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