Caking with Mom: Let the Icing Begin with the Crumbcoat!

Look at the Crumbcoat as the foundation for a beautiful masterpiece.  You take a blob of the icing and plop (yes, I just used blob and plop in the same sentence) it on the top of your cake.  You then slather the icing all over the top of the cake evenly and on the sides evenly.  At this point, the icing needs to be semi-smooth, but not necessary.  Next comes another magic trick for your book. 

*Use an un-printed paper towel for this step.  Mom prefers using Viva Paper Towels…I concur.

Lay a paper towel gently over the top of the icing you just slathered on the cake.  Lightly run your hand back and forth over the paper towel as it smooths the icing underneath it.  Pick it up gently and move to another section that needs smoothing, and so on. 

This is probably one of my favorite steps, because it never ceases to amaze me how smooth it gets the icing.


  1. You have to use a crusting buttercream to use the Viva Paper Towel method to smooth. Let the icing crust lightly (10-15 min) then use the paper towel. If you let it set up too long, it will have little cracks (no problem if you have hot hands!)


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