Easter, Farm-Fresh Eggs, and a Cow named Lucy

As Easter approaches, I am easily reminded of Easter’s past.  The joy of the Easter dress shopping for church.  The excitement of wondering what the Easter Bunny was going to bring you on Easter morning.  The cravings for all of the chocolate you knew you were going to get your little paws on during the holiday.  The beauty of the dying of the Easter eggs – and the mess left behind on the counters that stains.  Last but not least…the humor of that ever-present blade of plastic grass left behind that you find a few months later under a piece of furniture.  Easter was always wonderful in my family, and I have an amazing mother to thank for all of the joyful memories.

I remember many Easters where Mom would put together an abundant basket for me…oh wait, correction…I remember many Easters where the Easter Bunny would deliver an abundant basket to me.  Usually it consisted of candy, a possible Barbie, but always a cute, lovable stuffed animal – the Easter Bunny knew I had a weakness for stuffed animals.  My  most memorable stuffed animal given to me on Easter was Amelia.  She is the largest teddy bear I have ever received  on Easter.  Soft and cuddly.  I still remember walking in to the den and seeing her sitting beside the Easter goodies.  It is no secret that I love stuffed animals, and Amelia sky-rocketed quickly towards the top of my list.  I’m older now, and Amelia is put away currently.  But, I still have her – ready for my future offspring to cuddle with as I did growing up.

But, this isn’t about what the Easter Bunny brought me…it’s about eggs!  It’s about the incredible, edible egg.  How it tastes so much better when it comes from the South and is sold to you by a Northern lady named Pat with a cow named Lucy.  Yes, she’s a transplant, but she could cook every one of us Southern ladies under the table.  One day, one day I tell you, I am going to explore Pat’s spice cabinet.  I imagine it to be one of those scenes where the Hallelujah Chorus begins to sing, and sunshine rays burst out of it as you throw open the doors.  That’s just my take on things at least.  *smiles*

Well, Pat decided to raise chickens this year, and buy a calf named Lucy.  Lucky for me, the chickens have finally begun laying to where she can sell them to others.  I bought a dozen yesterday, and I had my first egg this morning.  The shells are the color of a milky hot chocolate that reminds you of a comforting cup on a cold Winter’s day.   The egg was truly beautiful to the eyes, and delicious to the palate!  The yolk was a richer color, and it was a little more substantial in texture.  I prepared my favorite breakfast for myself this morning – egg and cheese sandwich – with these little brown gems.  I can only hope they continue to lay for Pat.  It won’t take the hub and I long to get through this dozen.

It was interesting how eating a local egg just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Like I was doing something good by supporting our local goods.  No, Pat’s not a business, but she is a friend.  A friend that I will support on her endeavor with her chickens, and her cow named Lucy.

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  1. Happy Easter to my little Honey Bunny. I will always cherish shopping for the perfect dress. The one that you had to “love it, love it, love it” or we could’t get it. All the little hats that I ended up carrying! All the little bunny tracks left from the Easter Bunny, the eggs we couldn’t eat because they were too pretty after you dyed them. Yes, I will always cherish my memories of a little girl that became a beautiful woman.


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