Will Cook for Foo: Week 13 – Does God use Photoshop?

Every day I leave my house and say a prayer for God to take care of us and bring us home safely. There truly is always something about “home” that leaves one feeling warm. Home can bring many feelings though, not just warmth. However, I wish that you always feel warmth when thinking of home, never anything negative.

There are those times you need to get away from home. You need a break from your own sometimes mundane reality. A change of scenery one might commonly refer to this action as. This past weekend we had our own change of scenery.

Over the next few posts, I will be talking about our vacation and a few highlighting moments through words and photographs. I may not have recipes attached to each, so please forgive me if that is what you look forward to with each post. Know though, that there will most definitely be food mentioned in each and every post. *smiles* You know me. *wink*

It was at the point where we needed to see more than just Myrtle Beach, SC, every time we went to the beach, so we decided to get wise and head North to Virginia Beach, VA. (Queue funny photograph to match statement *smiles*)

Back in the day, many of you North Carolinians will remember that we didn’t participate in the lottery. So, sticking to old tradition (before we participated), as soon as we crossed the state line, we purchased our lottery tickets – that reminds me, I need to check our numbers.

Next, we drove by cotton field after cotton field. All I really wanted to do was get out and grab some…but, I behaved. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining, and the perfect clouds were in the sky. Do you think God uses Photoshop?

During one part of our journey, the rush of being a kid was so strong I couldn’t help but let out a loud “TUNNEL!” See, tunnels bring fond memories of traveling as a little kid. I always looked forward to tunnels. They were exciting, fun, a funky dark yellow color inside from the low-wattage bulbs used.

The hotel was pretty nice, and when you step out on your balcony to see this…

Who’s going to complain???

The hotel was right on the beach and the Boardwalk. We immediately headed out on a walk and began our search for the evening’s meal. A few blocks away, we were met with this beautiful statue profile of a woman. We couldn’t help but stop to look at what we learned was the Norwegian Lady statue. (I highly encourage you to read about the Norwegian Lady by clicking here.) In short, the statue is there in memoriam to Norwegian crew members on a ship from Norway that ran aground in 1891. Virginians banded together to save the few they could. In honor of their assistance, the statue was sent from Norway, and an identical one stands facing it across the ocean in Moss, Norway. Virginia Beach, VA , and Moss, Norway, are sister cities. A beautiful story (more to it if you click the link above) of taking care of your fellow man.

The Captain lost his pregnant wife and 4 year-old child that day. He couldn’t take them home to Norway. When he was at his lowest, away from home, kind people were there to help. We should always remember to be kind to one another. You never know what the other person’s struggle is or is going to be. Or, what memory they will look back on when they are in need of a moment of joy.

It was a humbling time to reflect on in the beginning of our trip…a moment we should all think about. I longed for home at that very moment of reading their story. I longed for the familiarity, the everlasting warmth, but then remembered the change of scenery and joy that was ahead of me…a much needed break.

More to come on the vacation…

But, for now…This week’s “Will Cook for Foo” comes from Foo Fighters’ song “Home”.

The selected lyric was “Just lookin’ for shelter. From cold and the pain. Someone to cover. Safe from the rain.”

My Twitter update “@foofighters …Just lookin’ for you to let me cook for you. I’ll feed your belly and keep you safe from the rain.”

Next step for you, take a second and enjoy the song…Click here to listen to the song “Home”. (Makes me cry every time I hear it. Just touching. I love the emotion Foo Fighters put to their music.)

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  1. God doesn’t need Photoshop, He is the Master! ;-)

    Great post and beautiful photos. I am so glad you were able to get away. Happy memories are made with loved ones.


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